Real-Time Reporting

New Technology Means Real-Time Reporting

Typically, clients wait several days or even weeks for drilling reports from the field. So, by the time they receive the data, it’s too late to make changes to the operation.

Priority Drilling knows the vital importance of up-to-date information, and so we developed a brand new technology that enables us to provide our clients with real-time reporting from every rig.

The Digital Daily Drilling Report & How it Works

The days of our drilling operator using paper and pen to filling out a daily drilling report are now gone. Instead, the driller enters all the details of the day’s drilling into our custom Smart App. At the end of every drilling day, the information is digitally sent to Priority Drilling where it’s immediately processed and digitally sent off to the proper clients.

Using this up-to-the-minute intelligence, we can work with our clients, suggesting improvements to the operation and finding ways to make it more efficient. With today’s data, we can better plan tomorrow’s activities, sending these directives to the operator whether he’s in the northwest part of Ireland or in the far north of Scotland.

This technology also allows us to identify any minor problems before they become major issues and easily compare the efficiency of one site to another.

Introducing Paperless Operations

We are also introducing smartphone apps that give our operators the latest safety information as well as the technical and service manuals for their rigs along with digital pre-start checks.