The Core of Priority Drilling – Improvement, Innovation & Invention

The inventors of the Zero-Trip Wedge

The inventors of the Zero-Trip Wedge

PDL is an innovator in the navigational drilling space and has used its expertise and experience to create a new patented technology; the Zero Trip Wedge. This product is now providing clients with faster more efficient solutions to reaching their drilling targets. The Zero Trip Wedge; allows PDL drilling services to wedge off existing boreholes; without multiple trips down the borehole. The wedge is distal of the core barrel and the anchors are locked in place  by water pressure.

Old directional drilling systems are very labor intensive and slow; the utilization of this innovation is providing fast and accurate drilling services to our clients. When PDL provide this service it significantly cuts down labor manual handling time and increases the durability of the drill string.

When it comes to Directional/Navigational Drilling PDL is a market leader in the UK and Ireland and perhaps the world.

Our drillers, designers, engineers, and mechanics are always looking for new ways to make drilling safer, easier and more efficient. Our field teams continually offer their feedback and suggestions, which are then turned into practical solutions. We consistently upgrade and modify our equipment as we develop safer, more efficient work practices. Continuous improvement drives our overall engineering approach.

We, in our own engineering and fabrication workshops in County Galway, can make anything from an urgently needed spare part to a complete vehicle-mounted drilling rig. Our unique in-house capability means we can quickly transform new ideas into working prototypes without relying on subcontractors. Once tested and proven, we can then rapidly have the new technology working for us in the field.

Research & Development Goals

With our innovative mindset and engineering expertise, we are confident that we can stay one step ahead in a very competitive industry.

We are continually striving to achieve the following:

Improve safety at every level
Reduce the requirements for human intervention
Increase our rigs’ uptime and efficiency
Increase automation to decrease manual handing onsite
Decrease operational and business risks