Priority Drilling Limited (PDL) is a family owned business in second and third generation leadership which has been providing drilling services since 1954. Priority Drilling Limited remains a 100% family-owned business with members of the founding family still working at the company today. With this level of in-house experience, we have the ability to offer our clients highly personalized service. Priority Drilling is the most knowledgeable, experienced and meticulous drilling company in the UK and Ireland.

We are continuously on the lookout for novel innovations that can improve our equipment, procedures, productivity, and safety. On any number of occasions we have undertaken to custom design, engineer and internally manufacture specific drill rigs to meet our clients’ precise requirements.



Founded in Canada in 1954 Priority Drilling moved to Ireland in 1956 to work on a contract on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork. The company based itself permanently in Ireland in 1958. Priority Drilling set up its base in the West of Ireland in Renmore, Killimor, Co. Galway.

In 1963 Priority Drilling established Priority Construction Ltd. Construction offices are based in 162 Clontarf Rd., Dublin 3. Priority Construction is primarily involved in civil engineering construction project throughout Ireland with expertise in Site Development, Landfill Construction & Capping, Water & Sewage Augmentation Schemes, Road Construction and Concrete Works.

During the 1980’s Priority Drilling established Priority Drilling Company a Scotish registered company to handle our contract in the UK.

In 1984 Priority Drilling established Global Diamond Drilling Products Ltd., a manufacturing facility making quality diamond drilling bits, reaming shells, casing shoes, etc.

In 2006 Priority Drilling established Priority Geotechnical Ltd., a site investigation company based in Middleton, Co. Cork.

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