Priority Drilling Limited (PDL) is a 100% family-owned business with members of the founding family still working at the company today; which has been providing drilling services since 1954. With 65 years experience in the mineral exploration industry; at PDL we have the ability to offer our clients a highly personalized service. Priority Drilling is the most knowledgeable, experienced and innovative drilling company in the UK and Ireland.

At PDL we are continuously on the lookout for novel innovations that can improve our equipment, procedures, productivity, and safety. On any number of occasions we have undertaken to custom design, engineer and internally manufacture specific drill rigs to comply with regulation and to meet our clients’ precise requirements. Our Priority is You!


Years is the Average Length of Service presently at Priority Drilling


Surface Drilling Rigs 10 Underground Rigs 5 Multi-Purpose Rigs


Drilling depth Capability NQ 1600M in HQ and 1100m in PQ


Accidents is our Health and Safety goal at Priority Drilling

Latest News

Redmoor Project Cornwall News

Redmoor Project Cornwall News

Go to 6:50 on this Proactive Investors Stock tube to hear about PDLs drill program with Cornwall Resources at Redmoor Cornwall.


Posted by Corry McCarthy
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